A Cancerous Diagnosis


My 92 years young father began having difficulty swallowing in April of 2016.  The ENT discovered a large B-Cell Lymphoma and encouraged him to begin treatment with radiation and chemotherapy which he declined due to his advanced age.


I approached my Dad with an alternative food based plan.  Jeff Primack’s Ultimate High-Phytochemical Food-Healing System.  It is based on a dietary principal that people with cancer can activate the body’s immune system army to fight the disease.  It would require him to give up many of the foods he normally consumed and to drink copious amounts of liquids, approximately 32 oz of diluted mushroom extract and 50oz. of 3 horsepower blended smoothies.


After many consultations with me concerning what would be involved if he were to choose this program, he agreed to give it a try for 45 days.  He stuck to the protocol as recommended despite it’s rigorous demands.  The elimination of sugar in all forms with the exception of a few fruits allowed in the smoothies was the most challenging for him but he did it.  His willpower amazed me.


My father walked into his appointment with his Conquering Any Disease book tucked under his arm.  His blood work results were excellent and the doctor asked him what he had been doing.  He pointed out the cancer protocol in the book. His physician was familiar with the cancer fighting mushroom extracts widely used in Japan.  This impressed my Dad.  When asked how he was able to follow such a difficult program he stated that he was trained as a U.S.A.F fighter pilot and therefore, he could do anything. The doctor’s recommendation was “keep doing what you are doing.”


The next appointment was even more astounding.The ENT specialist could scarcely believe what he was (or wasn’t ) seeing. He stood in front of the video screen of the laryngoscope.  The strange mass of tissue that had been so evident in April was GONE in November.  The Large B-Cell lymphoma, verified by biopsy, had evidently disappeared due to the Food Healing Cancer Protocol he had diligently followed for 45 days.


Two follow-up laryngoscope exams have still been completely clear,and the ENT, Internist, and all of the assisting nurses and technicians shake their heads and offer congratulations.


This is indeed a powerful and inspiring story.  My father continues to drink his morning grapefruit smoothie and pay close attention to his food choices.  As his daughter, I could not be happier and more proud of my Dad’s clean bill of health and his dedication to fighting this disease with an alternative plan at his age.