Make Your Own Kimchee!

Why? First of all because it tastes amazing, not to mention its long list of health benefits. According to the Journal of Applied Microbiology cultured foods, like Kimchee:

-Reduces overall inflammation in and out of  digestive tract

-Boost immunity

-Increase nutrient absorption

-Lowers blood pressure

-Reduces risk of cancer

-Lowers cholesterol

…and the list goes on and on believe it or not.


I started making Kimchee when I was a farmers market vendor over 10 years ago for my customers who were recovering from cancer treatments. They were trying to build up their damaged immune systems from chemo and radiation treatments.

My version differs from the original Korean condiment by not having fish sauce, red pepper paste or sugar. The cabbage cut is more like sauerkraut and I use serrano peppers,carrots and lemon segments, but the bottom line is you can add any other raw veggies that you like. Get creative with beets, turnips, fennel bulb, onion etc.  The only essential ingredients are veggies, salt and water for the fermentation process. It also helps to have a ceramic crock as it must sit for 10 days to two weeks.

You will pay as much as $6 to $7 dollars for a pint of Kimchee in the health food store and can make a gallon and a half for the same price. Yes this will make a lot of Kimchee, but you can gift it to friends and family in the spirit of promoting good health.

Use it to garnish any of your savory dishes and your body will thank you for it. Just go to the recipe tab for more info on making your own powerful healing kim chee.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates