This is fun to make with your friends and share when done.

3 large heads of cabbage

2 c grated carrots

1/2 c diced ginger

1/3 c chopped garlic

4 serrono peppers thin sliced in rounds

1/3 c lemon segments

3 T sea salt

1 gal water boiled then cooled

2-3 gallon ceramic crock or food grade plastic bucket

plate to cover and act as a press

qt. mason jar of water to be used as a weight

Cut cabbages in half and remove core. Cut halves into thirds and slice thin.  Add all ingredients to a large bowl and toss well.  Let rest for 20 minutes and toss once more.  Transfer to crock and press with fist to pack mixture as tightly as possible.  Clean inside edges of crock making sure there is no stray mixture.  Cover with plate that will fit inside the crock and rests on top of the mixture.  Place the mason jar on top of the plate.  Add water until water stands 2 inches above the plate.  Cover crock with light weight cloth and secure with string.  Taste on day 10. If mixture is not tender or sour enough, ferment up to 14 days.  Pack in jars and place in refrigerator. Save some of the liquid as a starter for the next batch.  Never heat kim chee as it will kill the beneficial bacteria you worked so hard to grow.